Saving the Harvest - Hot Peppers

December 28, 2017

Living in the north, it's necessary to find ways to save garden crops for year-long use. Summer crops like peas, beans and tomatoes can be frozen or canned. Fall crops like pumpkin, winter squash, carrots, beets, and cabbage can be saved in a cold room or root cellar. For many veggies, the best long-term storage is




A bumper crop of hot peppers, matured really late in the season


Needed to do something with all these! A number were sold or given away and some were pickled.


These smallest were just an experiment in drying. First, they were strung to dry in the sun room -


hanging on the garlic rack

As the weather got cooler with less sunny days, the string was rehung on the mantle of the chimney.

This is what the peppers looked like all dry and removed from the string.

Tops removed, they went in the Ninja smoothie cup!

This has proved to be a very fast and efficient mini-food processor.

Whew! Be careful taking the cover off, that's some strong hot pepper dust!

A good experiment - a keep to repeat!

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