Grape Harvest Time

September 20, 2017

It's time for the grape harvest. Of course, as things go, because of the very rainy spring, the blossoms set at two different times. AND now, that the turkeys would find the first ripening vine from the fruit that hung low to the ground. AND decided to eat them! So, one vine was harvested, the fruit ripened, and put in the frig way before these last!

Ready to pick - and the harvest is - - -

About a bushel and a half! A little less than last year, but still plenty of grape juice for the winter! The clusters will be set into a shallow box in a warm place to fully ripen. We have learned not to let then ripen all the way on the vine. If the turkeys don't get them, the squirrels might...and if the squirrels don't get them, the skunks might...and if all else fails, it could even be the deer or bears! One year, losing the whole crop to blue jays, we learned not to wait! Another fateful year, we were going to wait just over the weekend...and a squirrel or skunk or coon came in, and in one night "harvested" them all. So disheartening to see the skins remaining on the vines where they had popped out and ate the insides!


Some prize clusters - - -

Yummm, cooking now, house smells like grapes - coming soon - juice and jam!


Happy Fall!!!


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