June Updates from the Farm

June 30, 2017

How is your garden growing? With lots of rain here, the plants are really taking off.


Strawberry season is ending (but blueberries and raspberries are just around the corner!). We made a luscious strawberry shortcake to sell at market this week.


Garlic scapes are curling and cut! Except for the French, they always come a bit late. Sell these at market or used in our cooking, they'll last until the garlic crop is harvested and cured.


And, we're double cropping what would be empty from the early garlic harvest - butternut squash babies are about two weeks old in pots, planted out in the garlic rows before harvest, they will fill the patch for a second fall crop on the same ground!


Tomatoes have been twisted twice and ready to go again. Have a look at the one in this photo, when it gets twisted, it's already for top pruning. A number of tomatoes have set...

See the post on the tomato support system


The Egyptian onions, used for growing spring green onion, are all staked and tied so they DON'T fulfill their alternate name - walking onion! Not only do these make a nice strong green onion but they work great for marking the edge of the asparagus patch so we don't cultivate over too far.


Purple flowering snow peas are just about 5' tall - to the top of their trellis! Oh, they are so much easier to pick with the higher trellis. If past years are any indication, we will harvest from the same planting until frost and beyond. Some adaption to the trellis was needed. The PVC method was too flimsy so we added several metal supports. In the wind, the weight of the half grown plants was too much and the trellis was bending over. The six-inch netting will also get switched out for 1" chicken wire. The peas just don't vine up the wider support and we had to twist them onto it when the wind blew them off. They need to grow up on their own!

See the post on the pea trellis


And, this week saw a mama turkey back for the first time - with 11 babies in tow! She came around to see if there might be any scratch outside the chicken pen!


You should be able to double click on these photos for a larger image if you like...


Happy Gardening!




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