Supercharged for Spring

April 30, 2017

Though fall is hands-down the favorite season, spring is indeed the next favorite. It's such a blessing to see the Lord again returning the seasons in their course. Does anyone not feel more energized in spring when the days get longer (and hopefully sunnier!) and warmer and allow us to be outside? Sure, there is work to do from winter clean-up to spring start-up but our outlook seems to be that we can do this, sure no, problem!


Early spring is about the only time the flowerbeds get a bit of attention. Later on, too many other garden commitments! The day lilies got moved, as did the aster. They were getting so large and crowding the other plants but they'll work great on the edge of the orchard. For the rest of the beds, it's a weeding touch up, cleaning out the cut line, and a new mulch layer. Azaleas are going at the top of the heather bed where the day lilies were as well as adding new heather plants. A bit of work, but look how they reward us -

The bloodroot seems to have taken a hit from the voles over the winter but they'll

spread back in no time at all. And lovely masses of forsythia this year!


And what's up in the garden? As soon as the snow was off, the garlic and rhubarb were both up! With the warm days and rain, they are growing like crazy. Strawberries uncovered and starting to green up nicely. And barely starting one morning, a bunch up by evening, and two days later first cut - it's asparagus season! Be looking at Ludlow Market for this seasonal favorite that's only available fresh-local for about 8 weeks.

After such a hard winter last year and losing so many blossoms on the fruit trees, AND taking such a hit this year from the deer browse, we pruned back hard. Now the flowers are opening and we are praying for a good harvest this year. The mason jars are empty! The cherry is the first to show -

And of course we have the juncos back and just this morning noticed the phoebe's on the electric line. Hoping this year they will stay off the house for nest building and eat lots of mosquitoes!


An update concerning the "sign up for the newsletter" pop up - I have looked and looked and the new format does not allow for the site to recognize the fact that you are already signed up! Seems a bit quirky to me - it won't even recognize my address! What I have changed - the pop up only shows on the products page. So - you can safely read the news without interruption! And, as enough complaints are made, the web host is more than likely going to change this - stay tuned!


Happy Spring! Get out and enjoy the nice weather!




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