Winter Winding A-Way

February 28, 2017

Did you ever wonder where the lady bugs come from in late winter when the sun starts to get stronger again? I always have...don't get me wrong - we heat with wood, stored in the basement, so we always seem to have some bugs flying around all winter. But it's little black moths or occasionally a large moth or beetly things that fly at the lights. Always assuming that these come in on the firewood, I wondered that we never have had but a few lady bugs. This year we have lots! Well, for us, that's like a couple dozen! They seem like such friendly, innocuous bugs and then I feel so bad for them - I have no aphids - what else do they eat? - and in a few days I find them dead on the windowsills or floor. It's interesting to note that this year of the lady bug we have almost no house flies which is usually what hatches and shows up in the sunny windows this time of year. Is this related somehow????


In the meantime, outside, which used to be covered by 2-3 feet of snow depending on how the wind blew, is now less than a foot of snow and in some places where the warm sun hits is showing grass! Hard to believe with all that snow that in just two days of warm weather it melted down the hill. And it was warm, hit 60 degrees a couple of days. So maybe pre-mud season? Well, loggers are complaining about mud and pulled out of jobs...towns have posted the roads...trucking slows down as a result...will my sweetie be home some extra days? Maybe...


And, of course, it's that season in Vermont when white smoke is seen billowing into the air. It's not pollution but the water being evaporated out of sugar maple sap to make syrup. The early season caught some by surprise and unprepared but the sap is running and the syrup makers are too!


How's your attention to detail? We used to be a http and now are a https, complete with our very own padlock in the site name! Did you notice? I'm not overly certain what all that means except it is safer for those that visit our site - of which you are one! And someday we hope to facilitate on-line ordering with a cart system and this security already in place will be a plus.


Some changes and updates to the site:

  • the gluten-free tutorial is updated. The xanthan gum used for the recipes is no longer available retail and switching brands really changed things! So much from so little! The recipe section should now work okay for any brand of xanthan that you use.

  • the posts now have a comment section. Previously there was one but was only linked through FaceBook. The new set up stands on its own, notifying me of comments. Feel free to send me a note this way or any questions!



Happy Late Winter, soon to be Spring!

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