Soaping Almost Done

February 20, 2017

In our business ventures, we are right on schedule to finish soap production this week.

There are only two more half-batches to make.

Of course, it is an additional three weeks of curing

 so every time a batch comes ready it means pulling them out and prepping them for market.

It really saves a lot of time during the summer season to wrap and label them now.

Here are some all ready, wrapped, labeled, then stored in a bag to retain and not mix the scents.

This system has worked out well during the last two summers at

Ludlow Farmer's Market.


We hope you'll stop by to see us there!

Sometimes we have a coupon for a free sample bar of soap

- don't forget to look for it -


Most frequently asked soap question: why do you make your own soap?

We have been making soap since 1991 in an effort then to help our daughter's allergic skin reactions.

An unexpected benefit was that everyone's skin was much less dry!


Second most asked question: how can something with lye in it be gentle?

Well, for this one, there's some pretty detailed chemical explanations

but the basic answer is:

while lye is a very harsh and even dangerous caustic acid,

when it is combined with fats,

the raw ingredients release heat and change to a fatty acid which is soap.

As it processes the soap "cooks" itself!

One of the major reasons the resulting product is so gentle is that,

unlike commercial detergent bars made from multiple chemicals,

our hand-made, small-batch soaps, containing only a few ingredients,

retain all of the natural glycerin from the soaping process.

Commercially, that high-value ingredient is removed.

And did you catch that what sells in the store is a detergent not a soap?

Soap by definition is lye and fats.


Another good reason to read the labels!


Click here for the soap page





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