What's Growing?

February 10, 2017

Had a friend here the other day who admired the organic awing that was growing off our roof.


Usually doesn't get this long or stay straight, but rain and warmth the other day started it sliding down and then it got cold - I mean, like single digit cold. Could hang up there for a while. Course, it's not so practical this time of year when we would rather have the sun . . . and it's the west side of the house that hardly gets any sun even in the summer. Don't think this kind of awning has a future, organic or not!


It's about the only thing growing right now. All outside are sleeping happily under a foot or so of snow. I try not to think of what the voles might be doing . . .with all the ice at least the deer have stayed out of the orchard for now.


Inside it's just the mother plant impatiens. No other starts until mid March. All the seed is saved, stored and germ checked.


It is nice to have a breather tho' by no means is there nothing to do. Besides working on new recipes, this is the time of year for getting any sewing and house projects done. Because if it doesn't happen now, it's not going to happen! If I don't keep a project list, it goes by the wayside. Replace the closet doors in the bedrooms, get estimates for fixing the chimney, research oil lamps that really make light, the Queen Anne chair? Plus this is the time of year paperwork seems to really hit - taxes (argh), plan the garden, make sure new recipes get on the site and in the book for market, checked into the site I use for nutritional data and found out it's closing mid March, scramble to redo what needs to be done. Yikes the list just got longer!!!


This is supposed to be the gardening report, oh well, sometimes things blur over from one to another! It's a homesteading farm, what can you say, it all meshes together, do you understand?


So, making pretzels, yum, just right heated up. Have to keep at it on small loaves and sandwich rolls though.

Oh, happy every-other-day, it smells like baking! Stop in for a sample if you're in the neighborhood!



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