January Garden

January 10, 2017

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It's the turn of the year and what do the gardener's thoughts turn to? Well, if they are like me, they're still working on last year's garden! Just got the pumpkins processed up. There is enough pumpkin puree in the freezer for more than a year's worth of pies and muffins. Praise God! We thought we didn't have enough crop...


Just in time got to the pumpkins, noticed some fruit flies again despite freezing temps outside. Set traps - so a great trap is apple juice or cider or better yet hard cider. They love it. A few drops of dish detergent on top, check it out in the morning and see how many have been flying around that you didn't even notice. Set one in the kitchen and one near the pumpkins in the basement. It was the only fruit around so they had to be coming from there! Sure enough, in the bottom of the last bushel was a pumpkin so far beyond human consumption that it was just shell and seeds! There was a second just rotting...out the door with that and a couple of days later the bugs are gone.


Ever figure out how the fruit flies get in the freezer? I can't. All the fruit stuff was frozen when they showed up this time, yet when I cleaned out the bottom shelf there was a good dozen dead ones there!


Oh yeah, January garden. So that above is just a rabbit trail as pastor calls it...


January garden is usually starting onions. We continue to have issues with a fungus so we're going to skip this year. BUT, to follow up on the pumpkins, the reason we needed a good crop was that we needed to save seed. So with each pumpkin, a few seeds are saved, cleaned, dried overnight on a cutting board, and then for several days in a bowl.

 Before stored in a package, though, we do a germination check. Sometimes we don't get such great germ rates and that's really nice to know when you plant. With this year's crop, there seemed to be many immature fruits even though they ripened to orange. I put 20 seeds on a wet paper towel in a small zipper bag. Then I turn it upside down so the seeds get nice and wet and just leave it on the counter in the kitchen.

 No germ yet, only been a day or so, check back here later for an update on the germination rate!

GERM UPDATE 1-20-2017

100% germ at five days!

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