Dust In the Corners

October 30, 2016


Summers can get pretty busy with gardens to tend and harvest to put up and blueberries to pick...on and on it seems to go! And then there are the projects like rock walls and fixing the roads and culverts before winter. When it's all added together, there's just not a lot of time for cleaning, especially deep cleaning. So the major cleaning becomes "spring" and "fall". In the meantime, some areas get a "lick and promise", especially the second floor that is just for guests now a days. A walk through check for cob webs before someone comes...


And those spiders, the ones with the small bodies and long legs? We have them everywhere and boy do they make cobwebs fast. Clean one day, they are back the next. In the basement I resort to sucking them up with the shop vac. When you heat with wood via convection only, everything comes up on the air.


Just lately, after repainting the trim, all the exterior windows got washed and are they sparkling clean! The insides will wait until each room is fall cleaned. For the winter, the screens are left off to allow for more direct sun light.


Getting ready to make the last of the applesauce, I took the vegetable bins out of the fridge. I got down to check for any spills underneath. Do this occasionally...and there was some spill this time, in which a number of fruit flies had died. And grass. And dust. How does dust get in the fridge? Someone once told me most of the dust is just dead skin cells. Well!!! If that's the case and they are in the fridge, we are keeping the door open way too long!


Happy Fall Cleaning to You!

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