The New Year Starts Out - Organized !

January 30, 2016

At the begining of the year, life on the farm changes pace a bit as we focus on catching up with inside and office projects that just don't get done during the growing season. During the fall, I was able to snatch enough minutes to plan out a cabinet - badly needed to control the mess in the corner of the dining room that had become my organization spot for market and gluten-free baking. That mess also rolled over into the pantry! To save time, flour blend is made in batches to consume a 25 lb bag of brown rice flour, which makes almost 75 lbs of blend completed. All that has to store somewhere and jars don't stack too well on each other! So, the allows me to store many of my supplies in one place, gives me back my pantry floor, and frees up a kitchen cabinet for my big griddle, cooling racks, sheets, and bread pans. AND, delight of delights, I was able to move the toaster oven onto the cabinet top, freeing up the wider cabinet for my dehydrator which has been in the basement kitchen for lack of upstairs space. No more walking down the stairs with cultured milk containers for yoghurt!

In between baking, I have been making new label templates. Again, no time during the summer and we have many lables that we carried over from the old computer as PDF documents. That works fine until you need to edit one of them! Thankfully, I am getting used to my new software and was able to quickly make new labels for soap, rhuberry, cookies, muffins and others by constructing then duplicating files.


Winter is also the time for making soap. This year I am offering to do a soap seminar for anyone wanting to learn how to make their own soap. However, you must contact me ASAP so dates can be arranged with all those interested! This works best as an all day session, in the morning cutting soap that I have made the day before, during the middle of the day doing the "class" part, and in the afternoon starting and pouring a new batch. Plan to Join!!


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