It's Fall Turkey Time

September 10, 2016

The other day I saw the turkeys for the first time since early summer. Don't get me wrong, I have heard them, just not seen them! During the summer, while nesting and tending young, they seem to stay further off in the woods or nearer the pond. Now they are going further afield searching out bugs and seeds - are they really wanting to get fat for Thanksgiving? Probably more that they don't want to be hungry through the winter!


When the turkeys came into the barnyard, they were in sight beyond the poultry net for the chickens (and some of them were out in their yard) so my first thought was, "Oh, no, look at all the birds that are out!" We have had occasional chickens fly over or push through the net. However, the bird usually stays close to the net and doesn't wander so far away. As I kept looking, I realized the barn yard birds were darker and much larger and it was the turkeys again! Perhaps they smelled the corn in the chicken grain. Coming almost to the net, they turned and went up the hill. The chickens didn't seem to pay any attention to them nor were they scared of these bigger birds!


Yesterday they were in the blueberry patch. That's okay, they glean the fruit that's dropped. It's only a problem like the time one flew up into the blueberry bush and it couldn't support the weight! We had to stake and tie that bush for a couple of years. The flock coming through has many "teenagers" and I saw two young males posturing at each other, competing for place in the "pecking order".


If the past pattern holds, they'll come through for a number of days, perhaps for as long as two weeks and then they will shift elsewhere. I hope they eat a lot of the seeds on the foxtail grass, it's an annual that makes volumes of seed and is so hard to get rid of...they can have it for feed! And maybe less weed next year...


turkeys at the edge of the orchard




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