Going Crackers

August 20, 2016

Almost two years now eating gluten free. Last summer, crackers were one of the items we offered at Ludlow Farmers' Market. As time went on, they went off the shelf as just too labor intensive to produce in the quantities needed. The cheddar cheese dough is very stiff and time consuming to roll out by hand. Bought a pasta maker, said to work great for crackers, just produced some cheese cracker crumbles no sheets! Making tortillas, I wondered, would this work to form the dough? At this point I had thought of everything, including some sort of steam roller, ha, ha!


Here's what making crackers looked like:

Made the dough one day, let it sit overnight in fridge

After coming back to room temperature, it scooped quite nicely.

That's a number 12 scoop, I think I'll try number 20 next time,

the same one I use for the tortillas. I like my crackers a little thinner and crispier.

Here is one scoop the full size of my 8" press.

It's covered top and bottom with plastic so it doesn't stick to the press.

Pealing away the top layer of plastic allows me to cut.

Then I can flip it into my hand using the bottom plastic layer.

And here are the crackers ready for the oven!

And here are the crackers out of the oven, cooling,

tho' I have to confess to eating a couple "broken" ones!

 And here are the crackers packaged for market!.


The size ended up a bit large this way, like a tortilla chip, we'll see what customers think. I wondered about a round cut cracker from the middle, then four club size crackers and four triangles. All would go in the same bag for a variety pack. Stop by for a package, no samples on this one, they still take enough work!!




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