One Tough Bush

July 30, 2016

A nice rock, eh? Pretty big? We've never tried to move it figuring if we could see that much, who knows what's underneath???? So, it's just part of the landscape. Great place to rest while picking blueberries - that's the edge of the nursery on the left. Planted a nice burning bush on the right to keep the rock company.


This was noticed while picking - in the crevice - a small blueberry bush! It's not really doing so well, you can tell by the leaves turning red prematurely. But somehow it found enough soil, maybe more like dust, for a seed to germinate. It's at least a year old. Over the years, other plants have been pulled off the larger crevices on the other side of the rock - creeping raspberry, ferns, moss, lichen, even a seedling poplar tree. This is the first time a blueberry has tried to grow in one of the crevices. Certainly they are tough bushes.

Our first wild high bush blueberry, named Big Blue, was run over by a skidder as the land was cleared, then mowed for a couple of years before we realized what it was. After noticing, we realized in the woods/old pastures around were many bushes. We just didn't notice them because growing under the cover of pines they didn't flower or fruit. Once realized, they have provided bountifully - God's bushes we call them.


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