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June 10, 2016

Most of the plants and crops are in so we are off on another gardening adventure. We are experiencing the normal ups and downs...


UPS - -

germination has been very good on most things

warm, dry weather is bringing harvest on a bit early - picked our first strawberry this week!

we are seeing more honey bees and bumble bees than the last few years

the dry periods are helping control the weeds

the sunny days are wonderful to work in after the cold and rainy!



lost many or all blossoms so orchard yield will be lower than expected

free manure is sprouting many clovers, makes more work turning over to suppress

still losing some young plants to cutworm (but fall tilling helped enormously!)

the weird weather - warm then cool then back again - makes it hard to plan

the brassica starts were drowned in their tray in a flash thunderstorm


And still yet to plant - the fall crops - beets, carrots, winter squash, and pumpkins. We like to plant these a bit late so they are ready to harvest after first fall frost. The fruit is sweeter, better tasting, and lasts longer in the cold room.


Happy adventures in your garden too!


A snow pea flowering, pretty enough to put in a vase on the table isn't it? BUT if you pick the flower,

you can't eat the fruit. Is that some sort of biblical application?!?!



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