Let the Birds Settle...

May 30, 2016

...in your flower bed!?!


One day this last month, as I was working in the flowerbed, a bird spooked out of this clump of Christmas Fern.



I didn't really think much of it until I was working nearby a couple of days later and the same looking bird flew out! Peeking behind, this is what I saw:








In that tiny little nest, tucked against the foundation and under the overhang, were four speckled eggs! With the help of a bird watching friend, we identified the juncos, surprised because neither of us knew they were ground nesters.


Thinking about it later, I thought perhaps some nested nearby last year, maybe in the blueberry nursery. I wondered if that nesting went not so well since I found several half grown birds dropped in the garden and barn road. A ground nester seems at the mercy of wandering crows and blue jays, both of which we have!


But these were tucked safe with a wise mother and several days later this is what I found:

The small birds grew quickly and in only a few short days they were fully feathered and ready to leave the nest! Both parents seemed to remain nearby watching since whenever near the nest, I would hear their now familiar clicking noise warning both second bird and babies.


Enjoy the wonder of creation with a new awe this spring!

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