The Gardener - The Eternal Optimist

May 1, 2016

One day I was talking to a gardening buddy and commented that gardeners were the eternal optimists. He laughed and said, yup:

  • crop failure last year on this or that, it will be better this year

  • bugs ate all the potatoes, won't happen again this time

  • too dry and didn't have a way to water, this year there will be enough rain

But true, isn't it, that's the way a gardener thinks, eh? Blessing or bane, we take it all in stride. Following our unusual winter with little snow and normal cold, it looked like spring would arrive very early, warming up in March as if it was April or May. No snow was on the ground as we pruned fruit trees. Just a week or two later, winter came back for just a short visit with the nighttime temps dipping into the teens. We have recently come to accept the peach blossom buds that had started to swell were killed that night as the tree leafs out but no flower buds have opened. We hoped they survived that cold - a blessing.  Not so, now two years back to back we have lost the peach blossoms - a bane.


It's really all in our mindset, isn't it? How do we react when things go very wrong or not the way we wished? For us, we throw ourselves on the mercy of a good, loving, and kind God, the Lord of all the Universe, who yet cares for us each. He knows we must eat and provides for us in His perfect way and time. While we might work as hard to fill the potato bin, we acknowledge that unless He blesses the work of our hands we will have nothing. And we remain content with His provision.


Happy Spring, celebrating again the wonder of the creation and the Creator!





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