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March 20, 2016

Spring is in the air! Even if the calendar says March, the weather is saying April! So, our thoughts are turning toward planning for summer market. As much prep as possibles needs to be done ahead of the busy produce season, so every gray and cloudy day is spent making granola, cookies dough, and muffin mix to speed the job up later.


And spring will turn to summer and we are thinking of picnics! Ah, a nice juicy burger on a...gluten-free...bun. In the kitchen, we are working on getting them just right. Gluten-free dough is too soft to roll out and cut so hamburger buns are cooked in rings.


Our recipe includes whole grain sorghum flour and the buns are more filling that a wheat one. When serving, I like to toast them on the griddle. This heating also makes the bun softer again. The really nice thing about gluten-free is that it doesn't get soggy from the meat!


Here they are cooling:



Yum, all set for dinner!











Next in the test kitchen - dinner rolls for those special holidays. The first attempts, following the recipes, came out way too flat for my liking. They did taste great and we ate them all!










Back to more research and decided to try two different methods, leaving the ingredients alone. One batter was made using the method of separating the egg white from the yolks and whipping them. After the other ingredients are mixed, the whites are folded in. The other batter was made as normal.








These are the rolls made

with whipped egg whites





Both were scooped onto a sheet and instead of letting them rise - which has allowed them to fall and flatten - they were cooked right away. And I raised the oven temp to 375. We taste tested both batches fresh and then next day not heated to see how moist they would stay. Both batters performed the same - so I go with the less complicated and time consuming conventional mixing method and we now have rolls for dinner!




These are the rolls mixed

in the conventional way

































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