Peppermint Tea Tree Soap Now Available!

February 18, 2016

During a recent soap seminar, we completed a batch of Peppermint Tea Tree soap, a new introduction for 2016. Participants thought it smelled "so good"! After several weeks curing, this soap is now ready to sell and use.  What doesn't sell immediately gets packaged for market sales during the summer.


Peppermint Tea Tree soap more than just smells good, it's great for your skin too...


While oil from the Austrailian tea tree is best known as a cleanser, it also helps all kinds of skin irritations to heal due to its antiseptic properties. Tea tree essential oil can help to relieve congestion and coughs, though maybe not be as noticable when showering as in a soaking bath.


Peppermint oil adds far more than just a comple-

menting scent that's great for preventing infection. It too relieves the pain and discomfort of minor skin

irritations and its vapors help lessen nasal, sinus, and chest congestion.


Contact us to order this new variety!


Peppermint Tea Tree

(Green Bamboo Label)

Ingredients:  pure lard

and tallow, rainwater,

Sodium hydroxide (lye),

Sodium borate (borax),

Mentha x piperita (peppermint)

and Melaleuca alternifolia

(tea tree) oils







Peppermint Tea Tree

soap curing on the left,


on the right


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