About Gluten-Free Part I

February 28, 2016

Recently I did my second demo of the gluten-free breads at the Woodstock Market. It's funny that some will taste what's on the table without noticing what it is. And others, after asking, say, oh, I don't need that or another similar comment. Even have had one who told me that eating gluten-free if you didn't need to was bad for you. But the sad reality is that more and more people are unable to tolerate particularly wheat and gluten grains/flours. How much of this is due to the addition of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides seems to be an argument point so far.


What about those whose system also shows allergic reactions to other food ingredients and they are avoiding more than just gluten and wheat? Another category is people like me, who due to disease that causes inflamation, are avoiding not just wheat but all gluten and adding to that: dairy products with antibiotics or hormones, alcohol, tobacco, corn products, and soy products. For me, taking these things out of my diet is a means to control the inflamation from arthritis without synthetic drug treatment.


So someone said, you can just buy what says "gluten-free" in the store, right? Sadly, hmmm, no. Too many times the offending grains/flours are replaced with others not good, at least for the inflamation - soy and corn. Going to the grocery store becomes a journey of reading the labels very closely. And for me, avoiding these things for "convenience", determining how much to allow into my diet if one of the "bad ones" is listed.


A dismal sounding story?  Stay tuned for Part II when we bring a bit of good news to the picture!!



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