Rhuberry Sauce


Small batch produced in the spring (when the rhubarb is the best!), we add

blueberry, cranberry, plum or raspberry to complement.


Sealed in 1/2 pint or pint jars.  Recommended shelf life one year.

Always refrigerate after opening.

Rhuberry Sauce

Sorry, rhubarb sauce is currently out-of-stock. Contact us to be notified when product is available.

Blueberry Rhuberry

With wild blueberries from our orchard

for a great color and flavor

Raspberry Rhuberry

Sweet enough for dessert - try as a

topping for pudding, cake or ice cream

Cranberry Rhuberry

Adding chopped cranberries makes

this a Thanksgiving favorite

Plum Rhuberry

Hank's selection for adding to salsa

for a spicy-fruity result

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