Fruit Syrups


Our fruit syrups are sealed in 8 oz glass bottles.  No need to refrigerate until opened.  Recommended shelf life unopened - one year.


Fruit Syrups are available in these four varieties:

wild blueberry, crabapple, raspberry, and rosehip.

fruit syrup

Wild Blueberry Syrup


Made from the God-planted wild high-bush blue- berry bushes in our fields, this syrup is high in anti- oxidants and pectin, which thickens it naturally.

Crabapple Syrup


From an abundance comes this syrup with a nice strong apple flavor. The fruit is waxy and high in pectin. A favorite for marinades + salad dressing.

Raspberry Syrup


The taste of summer raspberries captured in a bottle! Try this one as sweetener in a fruit or green tea. Also great for salad dressing.

Rosehip Syrup

Rosehips, small orange fruits that resemble quince are wild-harvested for a syrup  high in vitamin C and pectin and naturally thick. Unusual flavor.

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